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The more information I have from you, the faster you’ll get a reply. If you want my attention then do your homework and read my website first before applying for a session.


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*I send a text before calling to make sure it’s a good time to talk*
This is NOT a professional video. It's me using my Iphone and taking pix or snaps for my Follow+

Now for the rules of my phone number.  If you can’t control yourself and inappropriately call, text outside of my hours (and time zone) listed I will block you. I am not your booty call.  I am not an escort.  I don’t do late minute appointments unless you want to bribe me.  I will not answer questions that are clearly written on my website. If you give me a bad vibe, are disrespectful, or ask inappropriate questions, then I will hang up and block you.  Do not share my phone number. If you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t know about your kinky adventures, delete my messages/phone number off of your phone. I am very selective with who I play with and turn more slaves away then see. I want to enjoy myself in the scene. If I don’t feel compatible with you then there’s no point to see each other. Do not abuse this privilege. 937-701-7688 Contact hours are 10 am – 9pm Central standard time.

*Please note, my phone number does NOT work outside of the US. E-mail me*